How to win a man in one step

Courtney Love sent Kurt Cobain a heart-shaped box filled with a tiny porcelain doll, three dried roses, a miniature teacup and seashells with the scent of her perfume lingering inside. Yoko Ono sent John Lennon a postcard. “I’m a cloud,” it said, “watch for me in the sky.” John was in the Himalayas meditating with the Maharishi. He went back to London and invited her home, and the rest is history.

But let’s rewind here. Let’s go back a few days. John had gone to the opening of Yoko Ono’s exhibition because he had heard that there was going to be a happening that involved climbing into a bag with someone. But when he got to the gallery, he realized that the opening wasn’t until the next day. The show was just being installed. So he looked around. He saw a pair of bent nails in a plastic box. He saw an apple titled APPLE. He climbed a ladder that led to a painting and found a magnifying glass by the side. He picked it up, peered into the painting and found three little letters that said, YES. So there. That’s how you win a man in one step.

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