The author

My first novel, The Purple Line, was published by Harper Collins India in 2012. The French translation, Journal d’une accoucheuse, was published by Actes Sud in 2014. It is the tale of a gynaecologist who unearths the stories of six unlikely patients whose lives are intertwined without them knowing it: the burqa-clad Zubeida who finds solace in front of the neighbour’s television and the sari-clad Megha who cannot rest until she has a boy; Tulsi, the budding artist who stands upside down after sex, and Anjolie, the fading artist whose splendor lingers wherever she goes; Pooja, the sixteen-year-old who fell in love and got into trouble, and Leela, the twenty-one-year-old who has never fallen because you would have to run with all your heart to fall. As they labour and love, captivate and collide, Mrinalini’s own life takes on deeper significance.

I just finished my second novel, All This Fever of LivingIt tells the stories of three lost souls: Siddhartha, a pothead, sex addict, and genius, whose mother abandoned him when he was five; Mira, his bitchy old mother who has forgotten about the boy she abandoned; and the brash and boozed up narrator, Nick. As Nick uncovers his own mum’s secrets and discovers that he doesn’t have a dad, and as Siddhartha gets stoned and pursues his private obsession with sex and physics, Mira recollects her past. When she finally comes to terms with what she has done and goes back, forty years later, to find her son, it is too late.

My short story, Orange, like a String of Firecracker Flowers, is scheduled for release in August 2017 in a collection by Harper Collins India.